Self-Healing this Taurus Season

Taurus season is starting off with a bang, those final Aries reflections that we will carry into the next season.

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The second Full Moon in Libra in a row, happening at 29˚7’ of Aries and Libra at 4:12am PDT this Friday, April 19th. This is happening just about a day before the Sun enters Taurus April 20that 1:56am. As we welcome Yin Fixed Earth, the inner side of Venus’ nature, we are first prepped with the outer side of Venus through the Libra Full Moon. We get the chance to look outward to see the beauty of ourselves reflected back to us, before going in to smooth the inner edges.

Taurus season is incredibly powerful for creating sustainable routines, new ways to connect with the abundance that is always around us, and how to work honestly and diligently toward what we value most. This is a time for creating the beauty and deep sensual existence and healing that we strive for most.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, this brings greater heightening to the awakening process we’ve begun with Uranus who is in Taurus for another 6 years. Uranus is also sextile Juno and Black Moon Lilith, pulling in a strong energy of working through shadow and karma in our committed relationships, primarily in how we are communicating. 

With Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius, this can link to how we are liberating ourselves from social conditioning surrounding self-expression, individuality, and perhaps femininity. With Juno in Gemini, this brings up communication patterns around how we get our needs met. This can be an excellent time to bring conscious intention to solving any issues around communication with anyone in your life, especially those with strong karmic ties.

Mercury also just entered Aries, soon to conjunct Chiron, with Venus about to join this configuration, pulling in a strong forward motion energy toward healing our feminine expressions. As we work through healing our whole self, both the masculine and feminine working together in Divine Union, we can master these karmic lessons presented to us. Remember, we peel back the layers of the evolution onion one layer at a time. 

Sometimes unpacking these healing stories can feel frustrating, as we come to seemingly similar points again and again in our lives, but this is yet another layer of the onion to move through as we expand our consciousness. With an Aries focus, the key is to look at ourselves directly, head on, face forward. Don’t shy away from your own reflection.

No matter what our path of healing is or what modality we identify with, all healing centers around a story of some kind. Maybe it’s a story of what we’ve inherited from our parents, or what we believe about ourselves, or how we understand our astrology. Whatever the origins of the words we weave, there is always a possibility to transition and transcend whatever limitations we’ve placed on ourselves via our stories.

Using our charts, we can identify pain points and resolve old wounds, and we can clear many generations and lines of family trauma through our individual awareness and persistence. The key with most healing is to begin and continue, and it helps if we are aware of the possibility first, and the strategy second to shift our patterns.

To learn about some of the ways we can identify pain points and healing potential in the chart, watch the video below or click here. Wishing you much illumination and success on your healing path!

Aries Season 2019: Spring Equinox & Full Moon in Libra

We have a few special things about this upcoming Full Moon in Libra, it’s a supermoon, and most importantly it’s occurring just a few hours after the Spring Equinox Wednesday, March 20th. 


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Let’s talk about the fact that it’s a supermoon! A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. If you’re a careful moon watcher you’ll notice that it looks about 30% brighter and appears closer, as it is literally closer to the Earth.


Energetically, this creates an increase of self-awareness, as we can see into ourselves and others a bit more closely and vibrantly. As we step into Aries season, with the focus on our new projects, our new creations, our new life springing forth and blossoming out into the world, we simultaneously have this strong focus on the other, which is coming through Libra. So, as we can see into ourselves more intimately to know what we want to create, we have the component of those closest to us mirroring back our creative flow. This can mean a lot of different things to different people, so let’s unpack some of the major aspects associated with this Equinox Full Moon.


The Equinox is exact at 2:59 pm PDT, Wednesday, March 20th. The most obvious aspect is that the Sun is conjunct Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer, who will be in Aries until 2027. I have a whole video on the specifics of this, which is linked in in my bio if you’re watching from Instagram, or you can find it linked beneath this video if you’re watching on Facebook or YouTube.


But at its most basic, Chiron in Aries is supporting us in our ego maturation process, and the healing that comes from owning up to our individual creative spark of life that seeks to become. We are learning how to trust ourselves more, to tune into the highest frequency of our desire nature, and to find a more intuitive connection to what we are creating, thus leading to healing of our ego, and healing of our instincts and impulse nature.


Depending on where you have Aries in your chart, this will illuminate the healing process further, and also noting the relation between transiting Chiron with natal Chiron, as it always reflexes back to your natal chart when trying to understand your own holistic healing process.


Aries rules the head, the skull, the cerebrum, the motor centers of the brain, the eyes, and upper jaw. This is a great time for a jaw massage! If you haven’t heard of that, look it up, and then get one! It’s great for relieving overall body stress, as it’s all connected. Every time I’ve taught a yoga class I remind the students to release the tension in the jaw, because as we carry tension in the jaw, it is often linked to tension in the hips and elsewhere in the body. 


The Aries-Libra axis together governs the acid/alkaline balance in the body, the glandular balances, and the adrenals. So think about how fast you are moving, how fast energy is moving through you, and the balance of the food you are eating. Sometimes I like to nerd out as I’m also a studying herbalist, but I totally have Ph strips and I test my saliva. Did you know that by keeping your mouth at about a 7 ph level you can avoid cavities? Most dental decay comes from an overly acidic mouth culture. So if this is happening in your mouth, imagine what is happening on an overall physical level if your ph is out of balance overall.


So, with the Spring Equinox occurring conjunct Chiron in Aries, we have a strong re-infusion and focus on our personal healing journeys, and with the Full Moon in Libra, this is being mirrored back and supported by how we relate to others. 


What has our communication been like with others? With Mercury retrograde in Pisces over this past week and a half, we’re about halfway through his retrograde transit, which can add an interesting component to what we’re discovering, and our overall energy for creating something new.


You may have been experiencing rendezvous with past lovers or past relationships coming into your awareness that need some healing, and this Full Moon can bring a culmination of that awareness. So many of you have been telling me about your dreams with past relationships, or even the lingering thoughts of needing to reconcile or communicate to past lovers to find greater healing or clarity. This is quite common during Mercury retrograde phases, especially as we mentally go back to try to solve issues that in some way are linked to our current evolution. Especially with Mercury in Pisces, bringing our conscious awareness to how we find wholeness, our spiritual path, our connection with All that Is. This is bringing up stuff around unconditional love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, most commonly in all the ways we can share more of this energy with ourselves and others.


With the Full Moon, you may find this to be heightened with a focus on forgiving others, and noticing the effects that has on your ability to free yourself from past shackles, which can then support your personal creative process even more.


When we think of Spring, we think Spring cleaning, or we think about what new things we want to create. We are inspired, and motivated. With this Mercury Retrograde, just remember to be patient with yourself if you feel like you don’t yet have everything worked out. This requires faith and trust, and sometimes you need to forge ahead without having all the mental answers worked out. But remember there is a way to be strategic with this. If you’re able to wait until Mercury stations direct, then wait, but if you need to take action now, then trust that you have all the necessary information you require at this time, and reach out to Great Spirit, God/Goddess to help lead the way in your decision-making process. It’s likely that new information will continue to trickle in over the next month that will help bring greater clarity to whatever situation you’re trying to find the answers to.


A lot of us are finding ourselves immersed in the need to make radical change in a new direction. This is a healthy drive for change, and aligns well with the current energy, but it requires that strong focus on faith and trust. It requires alignment with our higher selves. Think Jupiter in Sagittarius in a rough square with the Pisces planets right now. This brings up a lot of inner dialogue regarding personal truth and timeless truth, and how to expand beyond what we thought was possible in our very belief systems. This is a great time to notice the words that you speak, and notice how they link back to your beliefs about a given topic. This can be highly illuminating about the specific ways you are growing, stretching and expanding right now. 


Overall, collectively we’re calling in greater acceptance and tolerance toward all the varying belief systems out there, which we know are infinite and quite nuanced. The only way to collectively heal a lot of our rifts in belief systems are to cultivate a higher acceptance and seeing the relativity of truth, and therefore stretching our higher minds beyond what we thought was possible in how to see the world and our place in it. This will become more obvious how this is operating in your life when Jupiter stations retrograde, which will be mid-Aries season on April 10th.


On the same day we also have Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting the transformation of what we take action on in regards to Earthly resources. We may find ourselves needing to consciously align with a way of spending money or using resources that brings more long-term sustainability, which can ultimately help expand resources rather than deplete them. Look to where you have Taurus and Capricorn in your chart to see what kinds of resources this means for you.


We will also have Venus entering Pisces March 26th, bringing a nice harmonizing impact with Mercury in his final days of retrograde season. She’ll join Neptune as well April 9th, bringing in a heightened focus on wholistic healing and universal love. Venus in Pisces brings a strong emphasis on loving the All, loving all of ourselves, loving all of those others in our lives, and even loving the others who we do not include in our closest circle. 


This can be a time of widening the circle, as Mother Theresa would argue, that sometimes we draw our circle too small. On a collective level, if everyone is doing this, it creates scarcity mindset, whereas if we all draw our circles a bit bigger, we start to realize there really is always enough to go around, and we can enter an abundance mindset that seeks to share what we have with others, out of the pure joy of knowing we are all one, that when we help others, we help ourselves. When we love others, we love ourselves.


Pisces also rules the lymphatic system, and Venus seeks to bring harmony wherever she travels, so paying attention to how the fluids are being moved through your body, getting enough exercise, staying hydrated and focusing on the wholeness of your organism can give you a nice lift depending on how you’ve been feeling. Venus in Pisces specifically can link to issues with blood sugar, so making sure you’re in balance with what you’re eating, especially if you’re feeling super activated but leaving little time to eat properly, blood sugar spikes and crashes are a very real thing that can definitely deplete you if you’ve overworking yourself. It’s okay to slow down and let things come to you, even while you are energetically pushing forward with the Spring energy of creation. Pisces also rules the feet, so reflexology may be a nice thing to gift yourself if you know you’re needing some more self-care! The North Node is still in Cancer people, so self-care and self-love is a must, always, but especially right now.


Speaking of that, Cancer rules the stomach, so paying special attention to how you are feeding yourself, both physically and on the soul level. How is the work you’re doing in the world (South Node in Capricorn) feeding your soul? How are you literally eating? Your stomach will let you know if it’s not working for you, and typically the physical mirrors much of the spiritual, so you know if you’re not feeding yourself well physically, there may not be proper spiritual nourishment as well. They usually go hand in hand, as when we’re too hurried to eat well, as we really taking the time we need to nourish our spirit? Food for thought. 


Having a full moon ring us in to the natural new year of the zodiac reminds us to stay connected with our relationships while we forge ahead on our personal path. We can find much support by staying close to others, and even though we all have our own journey, we know the fruits of our work is best tasting when shared with others, so include others where and how you can in your journey.


Be open to communicating about your projects, about what inspires you. You may find that others are also seeking someone to share about their dreams. Really, we all just want to be able to tell our story, at least to someone, so be willing to listen as well. Be willing to see both sides of the story. Be willing to open yourself up to others and be present, and notice the benefits that it also has for your own creative journey.


So, to summarize:Look at where you have Aries and Libra in your chart to see what is being most strongly illuminated within you this full moon and into the new season. Take a look at how you are feeding and nourishing yourself, and make a new plan if necessary. Ask for help if you need it, that’s why I’m here and others like me. 


Wishing you all well friends! Until next time, namaste!

Mercury Rx & New Moon in Pisces

Mercury Rx tomorrow, New Moon in Pisces and Uranus entering Taurus Wednesday... we have a full week and season ahead! Watch this video or keep reading below!

New moon in Pisces Wednesday, with Mercury Rx and Uranus moving into Taurus all within the same 2 days. Really asking ourselves the question… what does the world need from us? What does life itself need from us? What do we need from ourselves?


Sun and moon at 15˚ Pisces conjunct Vesta and Neptune at 16˚


Vesta is the goddess asteroid of sacred service, who keeps the holy flame burning as we continue in our hearts work. 

Her coming together with Neptune this week marks a reset of our spirit of devotion, to what are we most devoted to? This devotion, this joy, is the place we receive our inspiration to serve. 


In Pisces season we can come into contact with the contradictions and paradoxes of our lives. We know for example that it’s important for us to find we love to do and from that place share ourselves with the world, yet We are simultaneously being asked of spirit to be what and how and who we need to be in order to be of the greatest service. There’s a multiplicity inherent in Piscean oneness. We don’t need to be all things to all people, but we also have the ability to surrender and let go of certain ego attachments that limit our ability to serve, which sometimes requires us to change up our style. That’s not being fake or inauthentic... that’s being ready to do what you need to do, or go where you need to go, or change how you need to change so that you can stay aligned with your souls highest path for you. We can ask “god/goddess what would you have me do today that is in the highest good for all?” As we learn how to surrender to what is in the highest good for all, we learn that it is also inherently the highest good for ourselves as individuals as well. It’s not about personal sacrifice or being a martyr. It’s about listening, communicating and responding in a way that those you are communicating with can hear you and receive you. This is how we maintain our edge as leaders, teachers, healers, creators, parents, mentors, partners and whatever your path of awakening is. 


This New Moon in Pisces is asking us to look at how we can change, or adapt or evolve our attitude, our approach to whatever is the work we do in the world. How we show up in the roles we play, how we enjoy the life given to us. At its highest, the wisdom in Pisces teaches us to be happy, and to know that that is the highest place from which to serve. 


Mercury retrograde offers us a time to reflect on how we speak to ourselves, and of course the other people who are also ourselves. It’s a good time to observe our patterns of communication, watch out for those patterns where we paint ourselves the victim to life circumstances. Watch out for what you complain about. How might this be rooted in a fundamental fear or distrust of life? How can you alter your relationship with life itself to show more trust that everything is actually always working out? What needs to be surrendered within your thoughts patterns that has kept you stuck in believing lies?

This is what Neptune’s been working on, for a while actually, about 7 years so far, helping us with the disillusionment process. So the moon and mercury retrograde this year are bringing us full circle into a new cycle of higher awareness in our we relate to the joy of our lives, and what that means in all the various spheres of influence we find ourselves in. 


We also have Mercury stationing retrograde at 29˚ Pisces, 1˚ away from Chiron at 0˚ Aries. This gives Mercury a Chironic message of healing, teaching, and bringing up information from deep within to become more conscious. Our patterns are so funny sometimes, aren’t they? Sometimes I find myself doing or saying things, and then immediately after wonder why I said it. It can be healthy to observe these thoughts or speech patterns and notice the compulsions behind them, or why we feel the need to say things, especially if when we reflect on them they don’t actually feel true. Why do we say things sometimes that we don’t actually believe in? These can be things centered around not enough ness, or victimhood, or life being not fair in some way. They usually sound a bit childish, or just off-center in some way. And still the goal is not to judge these things we say, but to notice them, and notice how we can become more honest with ourselves through the words we speak. We may find this Mercury Rx season bringing more silence and solitude in our natures as we find the stillness within that leads to this deep healing. This deep growing. This deep awakening. Maturing. All of this is just a practice of self-awareness, to see how we can be even more loving to ourselves and others with every single word we speak, and eventually with every single thought we think. Sometimes we won’t catch the true nature of our thoughts until we’ve spoken them out loud, and then we hear it ourselves, consciously, and that’s something that can help up release any stuck subconscious communication patterns.


Uranus also moves into Taurus the day after the new moon, bringing us back to the focus on how we use our resources, how we stay tuned into the highest frequency of our values and priorities. So with this new moon we can be setting intentions specifically on finding what is the highest use of the resources life has given us, and perhaps what new resources we’d like to call in. Remember that Uranus offers an awakening process, that is usually linked to the changing of patterns. This can mean new routines that support a healthier use of resources, like new ways of caring for the earth, or for our own little plots of land that sustain us. Paying special attention to where we are putting our money, because in a lot of ways that’s how we vote for the type of resource use we want to continue to see in the future. Support the local farmers, sustainable handmade artisans, cutting down on things you don’t need, to make room for what you really truly value in your life. These small efforts can go a long way, and also demonstrate your willingness to listen to the call of global change that is on the way. Remember the mantra of Uranus, to choose change before change chooses you. 


Again, this brings us back to devotional joy, the joy of serving by simply being ourselves, and paying attention to what is being surrendered within you to make room for the highest expression of your calling in this life. This is a time for the maturation of how we engage with our ego, maturing the ego itself, not belittling it. Working in partnership with it, so we can stay aligned to the shifts happening in the world and within our own spirits. 

Winter Solstice – Refining & Honouring Community Systems

The Sun enters Capricorn December 21st, 2018, 2:23PM PST


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If we feel into the essence of what is really moving and shifting collectively, we have this powerful, international, conscious community, full of change-makers and creatives, many with a mission to connect, support and inspire, we can feel simultaneously into the readiness of our communities to make a change or see a change.


We are ready to raise up, step up, step in, check in, and really focus our energies on what we are creating together as a global community. This aligns so sweetly with the energy of the Winter Solstice, as we acknowledge our need to come together and support each other.


The Sun in Capricorn illuminates in all of us the ways we can tune into our function and role in society, and how we can come together to improve the system itself. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and their roles are to both maintain and to tear down structures, according to the need of the whole. We've also got the Full Moon in Cancer happening just a day after the Sun ingresses Capricorn, December 22nd, reminding us to go within, and feed our soul. It's important to see how both of these processes must happen simultaneously if we're aiming for longevity and sustainability of our systems.


While we’re collectively feeling into the lunar node shift of South Node Capricorn and North Node in Cancer over the next 18 months, we also have Saturn and Pluto residing even more long term in Capricorn. This is truly a time of collaborating and taking responsibility for how we can strengthen the ties of our community around the world.



The Sun in Capricorn is trine Uranus, but this is interesting because Capricorn-Taurus is the usual Earth trine, and Capricorn-Aries are a natural square by sign. So, with Uranus in Aries still during Rx season, there is a bit of a discomfort being moved through in how the communication is going between these 2 planets, the Sun and Uranus, but it can become more easeful if we tune in to how we are awakening consciously. The line between selfness and self-reliance, and the resources we have to fully show up in our lives are really behind the collective conversation we’re currently having around community projects, or whatever building you have going on in your personal life.


The thing to remember though, even if you don’t consider yourself part of some specific team or working on a collaborative project, is that in some way you are still part of the whole, still contributing, still offering a piece of yourself or your resources to the world. You can connect with where you have. Capricorn in your chart to really feel into this, and really look at the Cancer/Capricorn axis to get the full picture. How do you need to be nourished on the soul-level (Cancer), and how does this support your ability to contribute to the world authentically (Capricorn), really offering your voice in how the systems we all live with are created and constructed or reconstructed.


Perhaps you are involved in the dismantling or tearing down process. Or perhaps you are involved in building something new, or in refining a system or structure so that it stays current with the evolving needs of our society. Wherever you find yourself in the process of conscious evolution and community creation, you can find comfort in the fact that we are many, we are strong, and we are here working, expanding and transforming with you.


As this year ends and we are once again at a Cardinal point of initiation, we are being held in the grace of a new beginning, activating and seeding a brand-new cycle of development. Mars in Pisces is sitting right in between Neptune and Chiron, energizing our processes of disillusionment, spiritualization, and healing. 


Something nice to remember when we are deep in the throes of disciplined, focused creation, is that by working together as a team, it is easier for us to take a break when needed as individuals. The North Node in Cancer is a guiding light that can keep us filled and fed on the mind, body, heart and soul level. This is the only way we will stay on target with our goals. It can be easy to think “it’s all about efficiency and productivity” when you’ve got a solid project to jump into. And while this is important, the longevity factor will depend on your ability to listen to your body’s needs, your emotional needs, your self-care needs, your security needs. 


It’s also important to be aware of our role in being the “parent” of something we’ve created, whether that’s an actual child, an organization, or simply in parenting ourselves. It’s not our job to be all of the resources our creations require. It is simply our job to find the resources needed, which can come through other people. 


This is how Cancer and Capricorn feed off of each other and balance each other out. We need to know what we need (Cancer), and we can also find comfort and support in our community and the systems we co-create when we are in alignment with the Truth of what our communities need (Capricorn). How are you able to provide for yourself, meet your own needs, and also meet the needs of your creations? Watch how an increase of individual self-nourishment comes back to feed the community you are so deeply committed to serving.


On the day of the Winter Solstice, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing together thought and intuition into this process of communal creation. This can greatly influence our perception of Truth, and we can expand our vision exponentially into what our community truly needs and how we can thrive. With the majority of the planets in the inter & trans-personal signs, you may also feel a strong pull out of the “me space” and into the “we space”. Let yourself be pulled, as your intuition is guiding you to the places that need to expand and liberate within you and around you. 


Jupiter has the tendency to expand things, thus expanding our ability to really use our mind. This can help us spot future trends, and feel into new information that can help us be more productive. Something to be aware of with this, is when we are in the space of growth and new information, we have the tendency to use that information against ourselves. This is just what we do, what our ego does, in order to try to integrate what we are learning. 


So, another way to integrate what we’re learning can be to simply slow down a bit this season. This doesn’t mean stop, but it means move intentionally. Don’t panic. Don’t grasp, or strive beyond what the situation truly calls for. Coming back to what the North Node in Cancer is calling forth from within us, we are reminded to stay attuned to our needs while we ground down into our work.


Often, we want to prescribe to ourselves new ways to be productive, instead of feeling into all the fragmented parts of ourselves that actually need acknowledgement. When we are fully acknowledged and integrated, (and it’s a process of course), it’s actually a lot easier to be naturally “productive” – in an organic flow state. So instead of using strategies of productivity as a way to punish ourselves even more if we are struggling from any internal “not enoughness”, we can learn compassion for what the wholeness of who we are needs and wants to do and be. This same compassion can actually be carried into the systems we create, and be an example of balance between masculine and feminine in our community systems. 


On the day of the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, we also have the Sun forming a quintile to Pallas Athene, the Goddess asteroid of creative intelligence. She is really bringing in some ideas around finding the balance and harmony between masculine and feminine energy in what we are co-creating. As we tear down old structures and come together to build up new ones, this is incredibly important to consider in the new systems we raise up. We’ll find that the better the balance, the better the chances of longevity and true value in society.


You can ask yourself about your relationship to both the Divine masculine and Divine Feminine in your life, and in the energy of the projects you are working on. How can you honour both more, and in your own way? How can you honour yourself more as you continue to refine your roles and offerings in society? How can you bring honour to your community?


Wishing you all a serene and soulful Winter Solstice.


In loving service, 


Sagittarius Season

The Sun enters Sagittarius Thursday November 22nd, 1:02am PST. This is perfect, because Thursday is Jupiter day, Jueves, Jeudi, Jove’s day. Thursdays are also known to be lucky, as is Sagittarius. But what exactly is luck?


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Luck can mean many things, but at the very least, through the lens of the law of attraction, we can say that Sagittarians create their own luck by being aligned with the highest vision for their future. They know what they want, they have their eye on the prize, and they simply trust and move forward toward that goal, sometimes stumbling a few times along the way in their optimistic and enthusiastic fervor, but always shooting for the stars, and perhaps landing somewhere close to the moon. It may not be where the Sagittarius thought they were going in the beginning, but now they’re here, and they might as well enjoy where they landed. This ability to enjoy the process of growth, transformation, traveling, the journey, this is what gives the Sagittarius luck, because of their ability to tune into the positive that is within every situation.


Sagittarius is famous for trying to give everything meaning, especially the things that are hardest to understand as to why they would happen. Why did we break up? Well things just weren’t meant to be. I was meant to find my Truth and it wasn’t with that person. Why did my aunt just die? Because she found completion in her mission here on Earth, and was ready to transcend into the next phase of her evolution. Why does everyone disagree on politics? Why are we destroying the Earth? Why aren’t we loving ourselves and others as best we can? Because as a collective we are disconnected from natural law, and we need to show ourselves just how far we’ve strayed so that we can make conscious choices to realign. 


This is the pattern for Sagittarius. Asking why, and finding an answer that satisfies the highest form of meaning we can comprehend. This leads into some of the shadow and illuminated aspects of Sagittarius, as we can all experience the range at different times and different situations in our lives. 


Shadow Sagittarius:


Shadow Sagittarius has found an answer to a question, and now believes it is his God given right and duty to make everyone else agree with him. This is dogma. This is arrogance. This is someone still on the path of discovering the fullness of the journey toward Truth, and needing to learn that the path is wide, and it is also not their job to decide what is Truth for all people. This is someone who is working through to heal the shadow elements of Sagittarius within themselves.


Illuminated Sagittarius:


Illuminated Sagittarius has discovered that they cannot know the answer to every question. That it is the search itself that brings wisdom, and it is also in the healthy incorporation of its opposite sign Gemini, the understanding of the relativity of Truth, and all the different perspectives that give life its richness, and give space for each of us to explore Truth and Knowledge in each of our own ways. This integration of Sagittarius/Gemini is what the Full Moon in Gemini illuminates within us. How are we doing with the integration of truth in our experience, and how does this link with the other people in our lives? Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the 4 Agreements and many more books of wisdom says:


“In our development, as we grow throughout our lives, the structure of our beliefs becomes very complicated, and we make it even more complicated because we make the assumption that what we believe is the absolute truth.”


Here is a fallacy that shapes the experience of shadow Sagittarius. It’s when we learn to let go of our hold that we have all the answers about our own life, our own experience, and that of the world, that we actually let in more light of wisdom from the Divine. Sagittarius being a natural square to Pisces highlights this relationship of seeking Truth, and yet needing to always remember that there is a Oneness, a level of Consciousness that goes way beyond what we can put into words. It’s the acknowledgement of this that can bring heightened Sagittarian wisdom. Another thing he says, is that:


“We never stop to consider that our beliefs are only a relative truth that’s always going to be distorted by all the knowledge we have stored in our memory.”


What we believe is actually constantly changing, as is the nature of mutable signs. We are constantly adapting to new information, and comparing this with information from our memories. This is what gives mutable signs their energy of spiraling and always moving, because we are always in a constant flow of receiving and disseminating information, and therefore needing to shift our perspectives. It’s only when we get attached to a certain viewpoint that we can find frustration within ourselves, because we don’t like cognitive dissonance. We want certainty. We want the answer. But the answer is always changing, isn’t it?


This is where we also learn to dance in the duality of truth and lies. Gemini and Sagittarius represent the axis of Truth, and therefore of course involve the overcoming of lies, the releasing of perspectives that are not true and can cause harm. And like we know after a year of Jupiter in Scorpio, coming out of a Venus Scorpio Rx season, which she’s still in her post-shadow period by the way, lies hurt.


The revealing of lies brings up all sorts of wounding based around our need to trust in life, to trust in people, to trust in ourselves. It can be challenging to trust, or to know what voices to trust, when we are surrounded by many lies an deception. Neptune is still Rx in Pisces too, and Neptune can bring our attention to where we are being deceived, and how, and what the process might be like to bring upon disillusionment. Disillusionment is the process of letting go of illusions. And this involves the surfacing of all the lies we’ve told ourselves, and that others have told us. Another quote from Don Miguel Ruiz:


 “You know that if you lie to yourself, surely other people lie to themselves. And If they lie to themselves, they will lie to you also”.


So, what do we do with this? This can be maddening if we just leave it there. It would be like me taking you down into the valley of deception and confusion and just leaving you there, which I won’t do. But it is a real place that we go to, and often when we are on a journey of exploration. So, the final word of wisdom from Don Miguel is to:


“Be skeptical, but learn to listen”.


We don’t want to shut off our faculties of listening to others, opening up to others, trusting others, or trusting in ourselves. We require human connection. And we communicate. This is where we can learn to master the art of communication with others. One of my favourite sayings that my aunt always used to say to me was: Every problem is communication. Every solution is communication. Spoken like a true Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon diplomat. She was also a principal of an elementary school, so you can imagine the issues of lies and deceit and trickery that she had to deal with from the kids. But what she said always stuck with me, and made it possible for me to deal with my own back and forth in communication. In understanding that we are all dealing with these issues. We are all in some way on a journey toward finding truth. Some of us just get comfortable and hang out somewhere on the path, and from there start preaching that that is the best place to stay, and that everyone should stay there with them. And that’s okay. We wave and smile at our fellow human travelers, and if it resonates with us to stay there with them for a while, let’s do it.


When it’s time to go our own way, we can do that too, trusting that there will always be more to explore, more to open ourselves to, more to experience. And thus, the cycle continues, and it will always continue. When you feel that we’ve discovered ultimate or absolute truth, you halt your own journey, and are caught up in a fallacy that sure, maybe you need to explore for a while, but it’s so important to know that you can always choose to just get up and starting walking somewhere else on the path, and that you will run into another element of natural law, another facet of the truth of oneness, another page in the story to sit with and take in its meaning and value.


So, let’s look at some of the transits, and the overall themes coming up this Sagittarius season:


Full Moon in Gemini on the same day of the ingress of the Sun, Nov 22nd, 9:39pm PST.Like I said before, this will be a great time to explore your current lens that you’re using to understand yourself, your situation you may be in, your relationships, your choices, and so on. Where can you perhaps find more innocence on your path, less attachment, less resistance and more connection with the wisdom of your own truth, while not discounting that of anyone else’s.


Saturn leaves Rx zone December 12th. (That’s my birthday!)  Leaving the retrograde zone is just coming out of the degree points that he had entered retrograde during the summer. So now that he’s all steam ahead again, we can really feel confident in what we are building, whatever we’re project we’re working on, that it’s time to move forward with it. Any doubts that came up during the post retrograde shadow are hopefully and likely resolved, and you can move forward with confidence. Remember, Saturn loves a project. If you feel that you are overly immersed in experiences of limitation or general stuckness, you can use the energy of Saturn in Capricorn to simply start a new project, something that you can continue to build on long-term. It will re-direct and re-focus the energy in a new direction that is more conscious, and more intentional, which is always good.


Venus leaves Rx zone December 17th at 10˚50’ Scorpio. This has been a powerful time for exposing anything hidden in relationships, and all for the best, for the purposes of transformation, growth, and becoming more aligned with our soul level desires. We’ve been working through some of our darkest patterns that come up in relationships, and particularly you have Venus and Scorpio in your chart, the relationships connected with that area of your life. How we set our point of attraction, and so on. So, when she leaves the Rx zone officially, again, we’ll likely feel that everything that transpired in this time is mostly resolved, on its way to a new focus, a deeper insight that we can use for the future. 


It’s been great to have this opportunity with Mercury Rx, right after Venus Rx. Mercury Rx nov 16thto December 6th, leaves Rx zone Dec 24th. Mercury is giving us time to slow down a bit mentally, and process what went on with Venus, and bringing in some of the Sagittarian optimism to help us out of the dark and slipper cavern of Scorpio.


We will also have the New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 6th 11:20pm pst, so you can already start planning ahead for your moon circle, your new patterns of connecting with Sagittarius energy in your life. I suggest writing and a lot of communication with yourself over these next few weeks, especially around the time of this New Moon, as we can get a beautiful emotional reset, more in alignment with our truth, and less with the preoccupation of the lies that have just been revealed in our lives.


Neptune stations direct November 24th, 5:08pm PST, just 2 days into Sagittarius season, and again, this will be a time to release any illusions that have kept us almost wanting to be deceived. Sometimes we think it will be easier if we just don’t know the patterns going on under the surface, but the truth has to come out some time, and we have to be willing to face it with clarity, and knowing that the Divine has us supported and held, always, especially when we don’t understand why something is happening. When Neptune stations direct, we can really come out of the place of “what the F just happened?” and move more into “okay and what now?” and “how can I align with Spirit in the process moving forward”?


Mars also conjuncts Neptune Dec 7th, 2018, 5:41am pst, bringing energy to this process of aligning with Spirit and releasing resistance to our highest path. Mars is in Pisces until December 31st, really helping us to integrate and tie together all the loose ends of what we’ve created this year. Taking just about 2 years to get through each of the signs, Mars in Pisces won’t be felt again until May 2020. So we can really bring our attention to activating Pisces healing energy in our lives, especially as Mars will also conjunct Chiron at the end of December too. So you can already start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions, and how they can link to your healing journey.


We’ve also just had the Lunar Node shift into Cancer/Capricorn, Nov 6 – May 2020. This is a big one for redirecting our energies more inward, into a yin space, after a year and a half of yang. We’re reconnecting with self-love, self-nurturing, parenting ourselves, healing any wounds related to self-security or being able to show up fully as we are, open to receive love from others, working through any issues of codependency, and not putting up walls, figuratively, or literally. 


To aid us in the search for truth and justice we have Jupiter in Sagittarius, November 8th– December 2019. Jupiter stays in each sign for about a year, and therefore every 12 years comes back to the same sign. Happy Jupiter return for those of you around the ages of 24, 36, 48, 60 and so on. May your consciousness expand in awareness, joy and love. For all of us, this is a great time to call in optimism. Enthusiasm. Finding joy on the path of evolution. Jupiter likes to bring gifts, and when he’s wearing the outfit of his own sign, his gifts are big, and truth-focused, so we have a lot of good things to look forward to. And really, it’s that general perspective, that we do have good things going on in our lives that can really save us, that can help us to move forward, even if things are hard sometimes. We can all take a page out of the Sagittarian book of creating our own luck, simply through attracting positivity, by being positive.


So, there you have it, some of the visions for healing, growing and expanding this Sagittarius season.


Your homework: Look at where you have Sagittarius in your chart, to see what the Sun is illuminating for you this month. Of course, if you want to deepen this understanding, let’s connect for a reading, or you can also check out my courses available online. Wishing you all the best in your journey of expansion and being a witness of Truth and beauty, this day, and every day.




Scorpio Season 2018

The Sun moves into Scorpio October 23rd, 6:23am CDT. Scorpio can bring up a lot of what triggers us, but all in the name of finding a deeper truth, what is closest to our soul level desires. For me, that’s what this whole astrology thing is all about. How to align consciously with the soul, which requires getting to know what we’re all about, and why we came here. And how to move through the sacred spiral dance we call the seasons.


Watch this video below, or scroll down to keep reading.

So now we’re one month into fall. Here in Mexico the clocks fall back one hour on the last Sunday of October, heralding in some true autumn vibes. In the US and Canada, it’s Sunday, November 4th, so a week later. I know already in Canada they’ve had Thanksgiving, always around the beginning of October, and yet for the US it’s the end of November. Right in the middle, we’ve got Halloween coming up, and Day of the Deadhere in Mexico, and of course, sacred Samhain, signaling the “darker half” of the year, with this festival rooted in the Celtic traditions honouring the “summer’s end”, and celebrating the harvest. So here we are again. For many, this is a favourite time of the year, myself included. I feel a bit biased because I probably say that also around my birthday, and also just when I’m really vibing with the energies, but we can have more than one favourite season, right?


So, as we shift from Libra to Scorpio, what have we learned from Libra season about navigating relationships? About our own patterns of relating? What happens after we make that intellectual commitment to someone or something in Libra season, to then move into a deeper relationship in Scorpio, where we are literally merging with that thing or that person or those people? It becomes less of an intellectual commitment, and more of an emotional, heart wrenching, power reclaiming, soul stirring, fluids interacting type of commitment. We really need to take what we’ve learned about ourselves and others in the Libra season, and take it as our base or our foundation before moving into Scorpio season. 


This one feels especially potent as well, with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio just days before the Sun ingresses Scorpio. They will meet in the middle at an exact conjunction October 26th, 3 days into Scorpio season at 3˚. Venus being only ever 1-2 signs ahead or behind the Sun, surprisingly does not form an exact conjunction all too often. The next time Venus will conjunct the Sun will be August of 2019, in Leo, almost ¾ through the cycle again. So, take this time of Venus and the Sun uniting as the blessing that it is. 


Those of you who know about planets conjunct the Sun, otherwise known as within 17˚ called being ‘under the sunbeams’, within 8˚ being ‘combust’, or at exact conjunction, being ‘cazimi’. The general idea behind all three of these conditions is that the Sun overpowers completely that of the conjuncting planet, in this case, Venus. 


We also know that Venus is Retrograde, pointing the energy inward, to reflect on how to use our Venusian energy of attraction in new ways that are more in alignment with our true being. So, the idea that the Sun will weaken the effect of Venus retrograde in Scorpio, perhaps restricting her power and strength, to me, signals a true time of death to a part of ourselves. A part, mind you, that is ready to die and has been for a long time. 


The Sun also represents our vital life force energy, that which informs our purpose, our individuality, our ego, our way of moving through life with drive and passion, our Spirit. If we trust in our connection to the Divine, in our own divinity, in the power of our own inner beings, there is really nothing to be afraid of in dying to an old version of self, or dying to an old pattern of relating. If we add this to the general story behind the Scorpio archetype, already being so linked with this concept of death and rebirth, we know that we are always better, always purified, always closer to what we really want, which is utter and complete merging with our true nature. That’s what’s being offered here. 


It’s like the Sun will burn away everything that is in the way of us getting what we want, attracting our truest desires. So, this also means, burning away any illusions or falsities about how we attract what we want in our lives. Perhaps this will also burn away any false pretenses in relationships, or any lies our ego is telling us to keep us separate from what truly aligns us always, which is love. So, whatever your journey right now, this is really a time of many blessings, deep transformations, powerful insights, and manifesting more aligned points of attraction as we take a deep breath and dive deeper into the unknown mysteries of Scorpio season.


It’s almost like as we build up to a major point of release, especially one that’s been building up over the course of a year with Jupiter in Scorpio, maybe a couple years for some of us…. You know how it goes… there becomes a point right when you’re about to give up, where perhaps you do give up, truly, actually surrendering, and then, something magical happens, and all of a sudden there’s that opening you’ve been craving. It’s like it comes as soon as you stop grasping for it, or you receive exactly what you need as soon as you stop struggling for it. Struggling through a problem or a situation for your life, where your ego feels like there is no way out.


For my Harry Potter fans out there, yes, this is just like what happened in Harry Potter 1 when Ron, Harry and Hermione got stuck in the ‘Devil’s Snare’ that only tightened around them as they struggled. It was only in letting go, and relaxing, that the Devil’s Snare brought them to their desired destination, unlocking further clues in their journey. 


This really brings up the relationship between both Scorpio and Pisces, 2 of our water signs. We know Scorpio’s been a big player this year, and Pisces has been pretty strong with Neptune occupying the middle degrees, and currently retrograde, pulling us deeper into that surrender, pulling us closer in alignment. 


We really need to pause for a moment, take in the whole scene, and remember too that Uranus is also strongly involved in this story, being retrograde at 0˚ of Taurus, in opposition to Venus now already, and about to pass over this point twice more through Venus’ Rx and direct period.


The axis of Taurus/Scorpio brings up powerful movements of energy regarding our resources, our values, our sense of safety, security, power, and also the very fine line between life and death, and what this has to do with letting stagnant parts of ourselves meet their end. Letting the ego be defeated by a higher power if you will. And get ready for the caveat…


I’m not saying that the ego is bad or that it needs to be slain like some evil dragon. Really, we need to tell our ego that we love it more often, truly, every day. But sometimes the ego, the part of us that so strongly seeks to keep us safe needs to feel defeated, & needs to be reminded of the fact that we are not bigger than love, and love is not bigger than us. This maturation process of our ego brings up lessons that point us closer in the direction of what we truly value, or what we really want, which for all beings, is really just to love and be loved. Sometimes, our ego thinks that what we really want is to control everything. Or to be safe. Or to know everything that’s going to happen to us in the future. Arguably, our ego can actually complicate things to the point of making more of a mess, albeit from a place of good intentions. Really, we just want to be vibrating in all directions at the frequency of love or above.


There is a mantra I heard that states “we are not bigger than love, and love is not bigger than us”. It’s from Matt Kahn, a spiritual teacher who I highly suggest that you check out when you need some new perspective on your life. You won’t regret it. Also, if you’re not already turned on to Abraham Hicks, I highly suggest listening to some of their talks as well when you need some inspiration, and a reminder that “we never get it done, and we can’t get it wrong”. This one links even further to the Sufi proverb that “what is essential is never lost”. So even if certain parts of our ego structure have to die in order to be reborn more closely aligned with our true values, we know that since what is essential is never lost, what needs to stay will always stay. What needs to go will always go. And so, trust the process. In Scorpio season, all of us are learning some deeper aspect of how to trust in our process of regeneration.


These simple lessons can completely change our perspective, which changes our entire lives. This being the theme of Scorpio season – change – is most easily passed through our systems when we are in a point of clarity, which sometimes requires a certain degree of emptiness that Scorpio can bring us. It’s like the emptying of the vessel before you fill it with the light of truth that comes in Sagittarius season. It’s like draining out old bath water, but of course, don’t throw yourself out with that bath water. And know that even if you tried, you really couldn’t, because what is essential is never lost. And you are essential. Your beingness is essential. The light of your consciousness is essential. Knowing this simple truth through any type of struggle, and acting from this place of awareness, is what it means to trust your process. 


On the physical level, Scorpio season is one of the most ideal times of year for clarifying our eating and exercise habits, as the process of elimination and regeneration is ruled by Scorpio. Virgo has a part to play in detoxifying our lives as well, but Scorpio’s method can be a bit more drastic if the necessary purging or cleansing is put off too long. So, if there’s anywhere in your life that you’re allowing a toxic build up, know that Scorpio season offers a strength of renewal if you are willing to align with that process. Meaning, eat well. Treat your body well. Grow your awareness on how the food you eat makes you feel. Drink enough water. Honour your sex drive, whatever the levels may be. Know that you do have power and control over your own choices, even if you don’t control the other people in your life.


Some herbs that are associated with Scorpio are sage, which helps dry up any excess liquid, so if you’re breastfeeding sage is contraindicated. Another good one is coriander, again helping with the digestive process, keeping us free of toxins and the whole system flowing smoothly. Nettle is another good one, that is a nourishing tonic, cleanses the blood, helps reduce inflammation, again, supporting in the process of eliminating. My absolute favourite Scorpio herb is basil. Supportive of relieving inflammation, cleansing from any beings that are unwanted, physically in your body or energetically in your space, and not to mention, tastes amazing. So, try some of those out if you’re wanting to align your physical choices with your mental, emotional and spiritual choices this season.


You can also practice deepening your ability to be intimate with yourself and with others. You can do this through practicing eye gazing techniques, or by simply spending time with those you love, being present with them and sharing your energy. Notice how in each of your close relationships, there is the potential for merging together, and becoming something different than what either of you would be on your own. Scorpio rules the process of osmosis, and transmutation, and this happens by engaging energetically with another being outside of yourself, whether this is a person, a place, an idea, a belief system.


We become that which we spend a lot of time with, so spend some time honouring those who you value most. It’s also a great time to open up to being vulnerable, and I like to call it conscious vulnerability, as this way everything we are sharing is intentional and shared with presence. Nothing is simply “dumped” onto others, and we don’t need to manipulate others to get our needs met. We can simply ask for the attention of others, which requires both bravery and conscious awareness of both yourself and the other person or people involved with you.


All too often we may find ourselves needing to connect with someone, and we won’t because of the fear of being rejected, or the fear of “being too much” for someone to handle, or the fear of “laying too much heaviness on them”, or “dumping on them”. Often, we feel this way because we ourselves are afraid of going into our own shadow, or allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable even on our own. So, we know we need that connection, we know we need to open up, and then after repressing it for too long, we just decide to force ourselves upon others with our needs or perhaps unleash our emotions, feeling out of control, and then we feel shame about sharing how we felt, even though it needed to be shared in some way.


This is what we call a vicious circle! Where we hide what we feel for fear of being wrong in some way about what we feel, and then when we can’t hide it any longer and it comes out in a way less than preferred, we feel ashamed of ourselves, and think, well, that’s why I don’t share what I feel, because look what a mess it makes. Sometimes when we get into Scorpio territory, we can feel like it’s black or white, all of nothing. Either be completely open and intimate all the time, or never open up or trust.


There are a lot of “always” and “nevers” when we’re moving through the Scorpio journey. What we have to understand is that we have these emotional guidance systems that show us whether we’re in alignment with our inner being or not. And we also came to this Earth to heal and clear certain vibrations so that we can let it flow in a healthy way. Again, here we are, coming back to the element of trusting our process, of reaching out to others, and then leaning in. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. To know that being vulnerable brings us to some of the most intense experiences of feeling alive. 


So, we’ve got the Sun/Venus cazimi in Scorpio. That’s a big one. A powerful journey through the fiery, intimate flames of transformation, transmutation, transcendence. As we continue to move through Scorpio season, we will have Mercury joining Jupiter in the final degrees of Scorpio October 29th, bringing logic and intuition together as we master the art of intimacy. This is also the same day that Mercury enters his retrograde pre-shadow, so really start to pay attention to the quality of your thoughts around this time and over the coming month and a half.


Depending on where you will have this Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in your chart, expect to meet a teacher, whether in yourself or in another, human or otherwise, who can show you how to master the art of intimacy, and reclaiming your power, while still being open to share it and expand it with others. Expect to find a renewal of logical, thoughtful strategy (Mercury), that is more in alignment with natural law, truth, intuition, and the expansion of your consciousness (Jupiter). It’s great when Mercury and Jupiter come together to share their ideas and perspectives. Especially in the sign of Scorpio, bringing this new awareness to how we approach issues of power and intimacy, trust and transformation.


So that’s happening at the end of October, just before Mercury enters Sagittarius October 30th (11:39 pm CDT). We’ll talk more about the upcoming Mercury retrograde in the next video for Sagittarius season next month, but be aware, the 3rd and final wave of Mercury retrograde is coming for the year, in the final fire sign. 


Speaking of retrograding planets, Venus Rx moves back into Libra October 31st 2:41pm CDT. So, these few final days of October are truly action packed. My mom is coming to visit me that week, and it happens to be Halloween, or Samhain (sah-win), or Day of the Dead as we celebrate in Mexico, so the same time the veils between all the spiritual dimensions are lifting, so it should be an exciting week for me, and for you as well. A great time for reaching out and leaning in.


Another big shift we’ll have in the midst of this Scorpio season is the nodal shift. We currently have the North and South Node at the final degrees of Leo and Aquarius before they shift into Cancer/Capricorn. Nodes in the final degree before shifting into the next represent a massive karmic rite of passage. We are collectively completing any finished business we have with our Leo/Aquarius karma (for this round of the sacred spiral at least), and moving into a deepening with Cancer/Capricorn. 


With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn over the next year and a half as well, we can bank on pulling in a lot of deconditioning from the past and all the different kinds of Capricorn lessons inherent in this stage. I’ll share more about this in the next video and you’ll hear me talking about it a lot over the next year and a half, as the nodes occupy these signs for roughly 18 months. A little nugget I can give you now though, it has to do with identity. Knowing ourselves at a core emotional level, and being able to express it out in the world, contributing our authentic offerings to the world, letting what we do out in the world feed our soul, and really becoming our own best friends, and all the self-love and self-care tips and strategies that the journey entails. 


So, a lot to digest this Scorpio season, and a lot of changes to flow with, but I know you’ve got this. Remember that we are born, naturally, in the state of trust. That our true essence trusts. That as we go through a journey of purging, releasing, perhaps dying in certain ways, that what is essential is never lost. You only have everything to gain. 


May you walk in trust, beauty and love this Scorpio season. If you want to learn more about how to read your own chart, or the charts of those you are most intimate with, I invite you to check out my astrology courses, that you can find on my website at I encourage any questions, comments or curiousities, so please share what resonates with you. Until our paths cross again… 

Chiron in Aries 2018-2027

On April 17th, 2018, Chiron enters Aries for the first time in 51 years! Those of you around this age are about to enter your Chiron Return phase, a full-on culmination of your healing journey. The confrontation of full on self-love, acceptance, and claiming of your gifts and talents. The rest of us are of course in some type of phasal relationship with Chiron, and are each of us in an important phase of renewal, as Chiron completed his full cycle through the 12 signs. Chiron will retrograde briefly into Pisces for one last final integrational hurrah, and then solidify his realm in Aries for the next 8½ years until 2027.

Watch video or scroll down to keep reading:

The last time Chiron was in Aries was roughly 1968, until roughly 1977 (there are retrograde cycles tailoring in on both ends briefly).  Collectively, we were trying to do something new in exclaiming who we were. This time period included the ending of the Vietnam War, the mass flower power movements of the 60s and 70s, and the re-emergence of power for many people who have been historically & socially oppressed (women, African Americans, Native Americans, the LGBTQ Rainbow Community and more). There were a lot of individualized stories that all seemed to stem around very similar issues: taking back of personal power, and being recognized as equal members of the human tribe. This calls in the polarity point of Aries, which is Libra. We always look to the opposite sign to understand further how we can heal distortions of the archetypes.


There were also strong collective environmental movements. The first Earth Day was in 1970, just shortly after Chiron’s ingress into Aries. Of course, there are other astrological factors in all of the above-mentioned movements, but Chiron was in Aries nonetheless, and contributed to the tensions, and energy of healing initiation. Chiron is a bridge planet, one that connects and bridges our unconscious and conscious layers of being. There is also the bridging of collective and individual interests, and therefore our healing path is also quite connected to social activism & change, which brings us to social healing, which then comes back to us as individuals as well.


Chiron in Aries is following Uranus’ transit through Aries, and I view this as a way of “cleaning up after” or “finishing what was started” in the Uranus in Aries time of the past 7 years. Uranus is associated with upsets, erratic and sudden changes, and you may have felt a bit of jarring in terms of your impulses, passions, and connecting with a new element of your personal identity. You may feel like a completely new person than you were 7 years ago, which is normal. Our cells completely renew themselves every 7 years, and so of course this is mirrored on all levels of our being. Anywhere that you still feel uncertain about exactly what has shifted within you, or in how you take action in the world, where your senses of impulses arise, this area of your life will get another run through with Chiron in Aries.


Aries rules war as an archetype, being ruled by Mars, the God of War. Judging by the strong oppositions to war in the late 60s and 70s, but the fact that there was war nonetheless is an intriguing point to bring up. There is so much violence in the world we live in, and yet so many of us are so against it, that we wonder, who are these people who want the violence? Who are the people that seem to be creating it? To go a little deeper, what part am I playing in supporting the violence that happens around the world? In what ways am I perhaps taking a stronger stance as a spiritual warrior? A warrior for peace? How can we confront violence with acts of love? Is there a new movement for taking back our power on the rise (women’s movements, police brutality, racial targeting, environmental disasters caused by humans, etc)? These are questions we will all be asking ourselves for the upcoming 8 years on the collective level.


Mars of course goes beyond war, he is also the leader and initiator of our process of Self-Becoming. He shows us the way to get what we want, and to become who we came here to be. When looking at this archetype collectively, you can see a pretty vast range in terms of how we have used this energy, and also abused it. To me, one of the ideal reasons to bring up history is so we can honour the attempts made by others to make the world a more just place, but also so that we can learn from our mistakes.


When it comes to understanding this energy influence in your own life, you can ask yourself many of the same questions. Looking to where you have Aries in your chart and what planets may be there or may be triggered by aspect, this will illuminate your Chiron story for much of the next decade.


Some basics on Chiron, the wounded healer: he was first abandoned by his parents which set up the basis for the original wound, and then he was physically wounded by a poison arrow, one that could not be cured. This set up Chiron’s search for healing, and as you know, when you spend a lifetime (especially an immortal lifetime) trying to learn about healing, well you tend to get to a place of mastery around healing yourself. Chiron was also a teacher and astrologer. Woohoo!


So, the themes Chiron brings up are around acceptance and rejection to start. Where do we not accept ourselves fully? Where have been rejected in some way? It’s interesting that psychologically we are very predictable. As humans, where we perceive that we are less than, not good enough, or just wounded, we tend to not try to make it better, or just try to ignore the wound. If we operate from that space, we tend to overlook the gifts that our Chiron journey can bring us. If, however, we take the initiative and have faith that there is something for us, we quickly discover that the medicine is indeed in the wound. That we can master what we perceived to be a weakness or vulnerability, and we can use our gifts to heal others. That’s the ultimate goal in how we can use Chiron healing energy.


Within the archetype of Aries, there may be a very basic rejection of Self. Of knowing who we are or what we want, or how we can go about getting it. We can be confronted with our repressed anger of injustice, bitterness at life not being fair, or the distorted idea that if we don’t get what we want, there must be something wrong with us. Aries can be very self-minded, impatient, childish, and short-tempered on a bad day, but on a great day, can be the ultimate spiritual warrior, with a firm grasp on power & purpose. Chiron moving through Aries will be working to heal any Aries distortions, so that we can operate from the highest vibration of Aries energy. This means going after and getting what we want, without stepping on anyone else along the way. Standing up for collective truth and justice, rather than feeling like a disempowered individual.


Looking at Chiron in Aries, we want to feel into the potential ways we express the distortions of Aries energy, so that we can heal it & use it to our highest potential. I encourage you to pause this recording and take a look at where you have Aries in your chart, so you can see some key words of what to expect in this new phase of Chiron healing. Let’s look at some of the basic distortions of Aries through the 12 houses so you can get a basic feel for how any aspect of these may be playing out in your life:


Keywords for Chiron in Aries through the 12 houses:

1st house - self-renewal, not trusting instincts, disconnected impulsivity, anger/rage, healing scattered forces, balance between self/other


2nd house - money and resources, self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, stubbornness, rigidity over possessions, limiting philosophy, selfishness


3rd house - communication patterns, lying/truth, shyness, balance in sharing opinion, listening to/respecting other perspectives, application of knowledge, no random collecting, scattered mental energy


4th house - emotional self-reliance, healing family wounds, personal history, emotional repression, security, safety


5th house - authentic self-expression, vanity, narcissism, not knowing or connecting to gifts, honouring what makes you special, healing connection to joy of life


6th house - healing body, mental health, routines, self-analysis, healing self-judgement, self-criticism, honest improvements in outlook on life, “right work”


7th house - relationship dynamics, passive/aggressiveness in relating, losing yourself in relationships versus alienation in relationships, independence versus codependence, opportunity to heal others, and heal through others


8th house -sexuality, deep soul mysteries, buried parts of yourself, shared resources, abuse, manipulation, power struggles


9th house - connection to personal Truth, overcoming dogmatic tendencies, exposing lies/false/limiting beliefs, healing connection to natural law, meaning of life, your place in the universe as an individual


10th house - personal responsibility, career, social role, reputation, how you connect with authority, distortions via social conditioning


11th house - group healing, human tribe, liberating from the past, progressive mindset, overcoming fear of the future, social justice or activism, sharing gifts authentically with the world


12th house - healing connection to the Divine, fantasies, overcoming delusions, universal oneness, connecting with all beings, self-reflection, meditation, integration


If you are interested in learning how you can use your chart for conscious healing work with Chiron in Aries, consider joining my Chiron Healing coaching program. You will be learning all you need to know about Chiron in Aries over the next 8 years, with a strong focus on how you can use this energy to your healing benefit, working consciously with the energy as we are meant to. It will include private access to videos, as well as one on one private sessions with me looking at Chiron moving through your chart in depth.  You can find more details on my site under "Chiron Coaching"

As always, I want to hear from you if there’s anything you want to learn more about or have any questions, let’s connect! Hope you all have a beautiful week!

Some Q & A about Divine Timing – Progressed Charts & Planetary Cycles

Photo by Ashley Batz

Photo by Ashley Batz

What exactly is a progressed chart & why does it matter?

A progressed chart is created by taking the natal chart of an individual and “progressing” it according to the current time, essentially to see where and how the person has grown, matured, changed and evolved throughout their life. It is a sense of who you are becoming throughout your life. You can study it from the moment of birth, because it is calculated by the patterns of the planets through time (approximately 1 day per year for the Sun & Moon for example).  The way a Solar Return shows our themes of personal growth and evolution within a year, our Progressed Charts show our potential path of evolution throughout our lifetime. These are ways that we will inevitably grow and evolve throughout our lives, and it’s something we can look at for every person with a birth time.


It’s also through using progressed charts that you can rectify a natal chart, for example, if someone doesn’t know their exact time of birth. It’s a challenging process, and it requires other important and specific dates of major events, such as a new job, marriage, divorce, significant death or children being born, etc. There are many talented astrologers who are very well adept at this and it certainly offers a major service to people that don’t know for certain their time of birth. You can double check that what you think is your birth time is correct using this method. For example, there are certain indicators, like Venus or Saturn for marriage, the Moon making certain aspects with the 5th house for children, and other indicators to double check that your time is right.


Using the progressed chart is also good if you want to plan for a time to have children, get married, or start a new career, as there are certain planetary affinities and aspects that make these changes favorable. There are also certain aspects that make it slow, drawn out, or not happen at all. You can see how the timing is key here… for example, many partners try to have children at say, “the wrong time”, and when they’re unable to conceive, they believe they simply can’t have children. They’ll spend a lot of money on testing, seeing doctors, therapy even, because of the feelings of sadness and loss. Then maybe 4 years later they’ll try again and by “some miracle” they are able to conceive.


Some call it fate; some call it the Divine plan (which I also believe), yet there is also the element of Divine Timing, that you can use astrology for as a supportive tool. It really is like a map left for us by the Divine so we can understand our lives better. It’s not a guarantee in each case of timing out something important in your life, as our Souls and the Spirit of the Divine is more expansive than an astrology chart, but there are many cases which statistically make astrology a favorable and valuable tool for timing and decisions.


What does the Progressed Sun indicate?


As the Sun is the Light of our Consciousness, our Progressed Sun shows how we have evolved spiritually and consciously. Since it takes 30 years for the Sun to transit through a full sign in a progressed chart, it’s common that most people will end this life in the 3rd sign away from their natal sign (for example a Taurus Sun at 7˚, if they live to 90, will end this life with their Progressed Sun at Leo 7˚). The Sun sign we are born under stays as the primary leading force and energy behind the chart, as the Sun is our vitality and Spirit, yet the way we’ve evolved will start to take on the characteristics of whatever sign our Progressed Sun is in. A personal example: My Natal Sun is at 21˚ Sagittarius, and moved into the sign of Capricorn when I was 9 ½, which was also the time when I started babysitting my newborn baby brother since my parents had to work, and then other kids in the neighborhood, beginning my path to working in the community. The ingress into Capricorn is generally marked by a heightened sense of responsibility, and being a “young-adult”, which is what I perceived to happen in my own life, and have continued to evolve through a Capricorn lens, of course always maintaining my basic Sagittarian Spirit.


***It’s also important to note the house that the Progressed Sun moves into, and to note that the Ascendant and Midheaven also progress. The way we move through the world, and the way we contribute to society are also always evolving and changing by degrees (literally)!


The Sun represents our current life purpose, and it’s important to remember that we are always growing, evolving and changing. Ultimately, we are expanding our sense of consciousness, and as we add on these layers of astrological understanding, you can see how we are complex and multi-faceted beings. That’s why I am adamantly against using only “Sun-Sign Astrology” as has been predominantly popularized in the media and recent history, where the Sun has been considered the only important factor, and astrologers reduced to mere “fortune-tellers”! It’s obvious that there is so much more to grasp within this ancient Star Language that is actually useful to people's lives.


What about the Progressed Moon?


This is something that we all experience around the age of 28. It’s rather poetic that there are roughly 28 days in the Moon’s full orbit around the Earth. The Moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth, but there are 29 ½ days from New Moon to New Moon. These ages, from 27 to 29 ½ are deeply transformative and bring a new sense of perspective to our lives, usually. This all depends on your awareness. But many important cycles come to a “return” around this time. At 27, we have a Lunar Node reversal, meaning the transiting South Node conjuncts your natal North Node. This is often a period of time where we experience full force many of the gifts, strengths and challenges of our past. In a sense, we picked up where we left off when we were born into this life, but as we come to a more mature age, we start to see how there are things we know we must expand and grow into if we don’t want to become stagnant.


Around this time many people make big decisions that change the course of their lives. Often there is an element of the past, but doing it in a new way that is more balanced with their evolutionary intention. (I had a baby at 27, and my South Node is in the 5th house for example, the house of children. It’s clear that this experience has drawn me into the past so that I can create a new and more balanced future, looking toward the North Node. It also reminded me of the gifts of my past, of being a parent, that is actually something extremely rewarding. This is also what the South Node represents).


Then, at approximately age 28, sometimes a little bit before, the Moon re-enters the same sign as your Natal Moon within your Progressed Chart. This is also known as a Progressed Lunar Return. This is often when we come to the awareness of how to get our emotional needs met in the most authentic way. The Moon, evolutionarily speaking, represents the balancing force between past and future. It is our Self-Image, how we see ourselves, the reflection of our Spirit (the Sun), and keeps us in a space of integrating our changes from past to future in a balanced manner. If we were to say, all of a sudden change into someone else, we wouldn’t feel authentic or true to ourselves. Most change for most people is slow and more or less steady. There are a few examples of extreme cataclysmic events, but that is less common. The Moon, our Self-Image, is what keeps us grounded in the present. It’s a major way we know ourselves, the reflection of our consciousness, and many call it the Soul.


I believe the Soul is bigger and more expansive than any single point in the natal chart, yet there is merit in saying that the Moon represents that part of us that lives Soulfully. So as we come to our Progressed Lunar Return, we are experiencing a renewal of that Soulfulness that keeps us grounded on our evolutionary path. Maybe we connect more with the Soul at this time more than ever. Maybe there is the element of reminding us about why we came here, and what we’re doing to align with our Purpose. We feel this way, our hearts are opened, and then comes the Saturn Return (29 ½) the following year. Now we are ready to dive deep, in the sense of Self-Discipline, to launch or activate our purpose that we instinctively know we came here to fulfill.


Do all of the planetary points progress?


Yes, but since the movement of the outer planets is so slow, they may move only a couple degrees throughout a lifetime, especially if there are planets retrograde (which can continue in retrograde motion in the progressed chart, then go direct again, then retrograde again, etc). (There are many particulars about charting this process, and the overall aspects of the Progressed chart, how they layer the transit chart, solar arcs, natal chart points, midpoints, etc., which if you’re interested, we will be covering in the Advanced Astrology Course.)


What other planetary cycles are important?


There are many cycles that we can track astrologically speaking, and here’s a list of some for you to reflect on:


Since the inner planets Mercury, Venus and Mars move so quickly, their returns are more frequent. We can talk about their aspects more often, as this is something that is more evident in our personal lives on a monthly basis. Below, we're looking mostly at the big aspects of the Outer Planets (Jupiter through Pluto). There are more aspects than are listed here, but these are good to start with. I challenge you to go through to each age listed below in your own life, or that of your children or other significant people that you've seen grow up, to try to account for what may have been going on at these times in order to understand the meaning behind the aspects for yourself.


Saturn’s full cycles are every 29 ½ years, yet the angular aspects (waxing and waning squares, the opposition and conjunction) are all very important times. Think ages 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, and 28-29 ½. Think back to what was happening at those times, and how you might have “matured” or found yourself in need of discipline, or a strict “reminder” of why you’re here.


Jupiter’s full cycles are every 12 years, therefore every 12 years we have a Jupiter Return. Think 24, 36, 48 and so on. These times are marked by expansion and a more in-depth connection with your Higher Self Aspirations. They are usually marked by an increasing knowledge or wisdom about yourself and the meaning of life in general.


Uranus’ full cycles are every 84 years. We will only have 1 Uranus Return (if we’re lucky), but the angular aspects again are very important, and mark certain shifts and changes that connect us with our true individuality, within the collective sense. Uranus is also the God-force, and if you are not in a state of awareness or presence with your life, you might perceive the changes that happen at these points in your life as “out of your control” or “random, sudden changes”. We have to remember, that they are always to jolt us into alignment with the true reason we are here. Uranus’ squares and oppositions are important times too. Think ages 21, 42, 63, and of course 84. Notice how the waning Saturn square aligns with the waxing Uranus square. 21 is a pretty big deal, a big step into adulthood, usually, for most people. There is a mark of knowing who you are, and what you want to do with your life that becomes very prominent around this time.


Neptune’s full cycles are approximately every 164 years (although there is much debate on this in the astrological community, no doubt due to Neptune’s highly elusive nature as a planet, deity and consciousness). When you go through a Neptune transit, by square, or by aspect to another planet, there is generally a sense of confusion initially within the cycle. This usually prompts us to find a deeper meaning, or to peel back the layers of illusion in front of us. It can be a rather enlightening time.


Pluto’s full cycles are every 248 years. Therefore, we really only experience our Pluto squares (most of us). Pluto spends a different amount of time in each sign, and therefore the square happens at slightly different ages for everyone, depending on the sign of their natal Pluto. The Pluto square is definitely marked by the need for major decision-making. Pluto always brings choices. The options are either in alignment with past patterns, or with evolution, or some degree of both, which is most common. These difficult decisions that we are sometimes “forced” to make in our lives, are what propels us into evolution and growth. It’s not easy to choose, but it’s also not easy to live a life of stagnation, which is what happens if you attempt to resist growth. It’s either stagnation or “forceful” change, in which you have no choice but to change. It’s preferable, like I always say, to make the change consciously, which mitigates the feelings of suffering.


All of us have a unique birth chart, unique transits, and also a unique Soul and level of Consciousness. Looking at these types of cycles can be an open door to further self-exploration and expansion, true alignment with your Soul and your Divine Why for being here. It’s important to not look at these aspects and cycles as are only defined here in this simplistic way. You are a whole being, and this is a helpful first step to reading your Soul blueprint and enjoying your evolutionary journey.